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There was lots of things I could do, continue you my search for answers to my dad disappearance, or I could just find a place to sleep , or find May. I didn't trust that guy and May didn't exactly look to intent going with him. He said something about a ball there can't be to many of those about, lets get some internet , and search around.  Quickly keying the door and appearing an warehouse of computer stations I quickly find several places around the area that are holding balls and only two that might have a few people connected to the Items.

Removing my jacket from the chair the the bottom of it swaying around from moving it so quickly I open the door into a room full of decorations and fancy lighting, and I looked well out of place with my ragged black coat, t shirt and black blood stained pants.

" Too late to have thought about that." I mutter walking directly into the lights making my self more noticeable. I was gathering more stares when I say May slap the guy from earlier. It looked like it hurt she runs out of the room. Maybe she will be fine after all, no need to make her life more dangerouse, I turn around when I see a face I hoped I would never. Phill a short man with a tanned face cold grey eyes beard surrounding his little lips. He wore a business suite but looked close to a north American gangster.

"James, you always seem to dress out of place but never did i believe I would see you dress in such attire to a place like this. Please sit down" He gestures to a table

" New style nice jacket that sort of hovers behind you, stiff boots giving you some support and of course  a t shirt for the comfort." I say sarcastically.

" Intriguing, anyways James I would like you to take a look around the room. What do you see?" he says obviously unamused

"Just a second there Phill." I look around seeing his men on a level ahead of us knowing Phill they all had guns and the more trusted one a weapon styled Item.

"I see your men, where you expecting me?"

"No I was supposed to do a transaction but unfortunately the men had to leave there items stolen."

"You know how I operator Phillip, I look for new items not already found items more money and excitement in it."

"Yes, I was getting around to that see an amateur  agent of mine lost his jacket that is mine he was in contact with you and claims you took it."

"So you ordered the hit on me." I say grabbing the Swiss knife.

" So you admit your a thief."

"The guy didn't know what he was getting into Phill with his stupidity he would have died if it was anyone else."

"Yes, true but you stole an item of mine, I would like it back or payed up."

" I didn't get much money for it." I say. 

" A pity James we don't deal very often ever since that incident with the girl."

"Why." I say holding back anger now.

" Because I would cut you a deal but it appears your time is up hand them over."

" I would rather you kill me." I kick the table and flip onto my feet the stitches threatening to snap the Swiss knife already my hand the sword appearing from it bullets whizzing by I run to cover while Phill struggles to get out from under the table, the rest of the hall in chaos, and in fear. I head towards Phillk but one of his men gets in my way. He was bald wore a tux and his glasses hid most of his face. I put the sword threatening the corkscrew he take his glove of revealing  the metal arm that actually can replace limbs but also can change to protect its owner. It morphs slightly to make a sword  I flip the corkscrew the wave of energy has no effect , I switch back to the sword.

" James you can still surrender to me and give your items up." Phill says unafraid.

"Bastard you don't realize the type of person I am."  I slash down the man blocks , more bullets whizz by I  step back even further.

"James!" I hear May shout, I look over the guy is trying to get her out of the room.

" Another lady friend." Phill comments he makes hand signals to get her, why did she have to notice me, and why can't I just go somewhere without pissing someone off. Men run towards May. I wasn't going to let the same thing happen to may like the last I dealt with Phill.

"Get out of the way or I'm going to kill you." I say to his agent in front me who just smiles and slices down, I step aside cutting his side which caught on fire his arm morphing again to stop the fire a slice I stab him. The heat making him scream. I jump into the hall not caring about the bullets that where carefully being aimed at my head.  The guy pulled out a golden flute which started playing froming a shield around them the men where left helpless around the shield. I hated the guy but relieved he wasn't trying to kill me.  I turn around my coat waving behind bullet holes appearing in it, I held the Swiss knife  in two hands I can win with ingenuity and ... the hole opens up in my stomach blood running through my clothing. I stumble a bit in pain  I run behind a table. I'm a fool I risked May's life over these items, why did she have to notice me?  I hold my hand against my stomach it quickly was covered in blood.  I see Phill walking out the door, no he wasn't getting out that bastard was going to pay for everything. I get up the sword transforming back into a Swiss knife I tackle Phill to the ground and use him as a human shield the bullets stopped, I  held the Swiss knife half open on is neck. These guys wouldn't risk this billionaires life.

"Your injured I see." Phill says calmly.

" Meaning!" I growl.

"You can't win James."

" Want to try that?" I open the knife a bit more.

" You can't win I will hunt you down."

" You can try Phill. Now let them go unharmed." He motions his men to back off the barrier goes down the guy runs out with May.

"Now how are you planning to escape James." Phill says just as the blood loss hits me and my vision blurs.

"Its a shame , I was thinking after i took you items I would tell you what happened to your father but it appears you will be unconscious when that happens."

" What." I growl forcing myself to stay awake, " New deal tell me everything you know or you become headless."

" Another time James." He says something clicks and I freeze we moves me out of the way like a rag doll, " This was fun but I have places to go, and little time, but it seems we'll be seeing each other soon. I'll be taking this though, its funny how much she like this tool." He laughed. He was about to search me for the key but his men motioned they needed to go for some reason. He looked at me.

"Luck is on your side." He walks away and I fall to the ground bleeding more severly then last time.

The End

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