"You so realise this is breaking and entering." I say to John, unable to keep the smile off my face. He shrugs and smiles at me. "You never moaned about that before." I blush as I remember the old times when we used to do this a lot, but without the key.

He picks up a small mirror on the wooden dresser. "Stop picking things up." I tell him, my arms crossed. He shrugs again. "What? Don't you like me touching your stuff?" I roll my eyes at him.

"Put it down. Anyways I left it here because I didn't want it so it's really my fathers property." I point out, not moving from my spot, my smile fading.

I didn't want to come back here. I had no intention to go home but here I am, back in my old room. Downstairs I can hear my father working in his study, just like old times.

John comes over to me with my dress and hands it to me. "Here you go. Go get changed and we'll go to the ball." He's so smug, like no time has passed between us. I shake my head.

"I don't want to go to any ball." I say, looking into his brown eyes. His jaw tightens in the stubbon way that I've missed so much.

"Put it on, we are going to the ball." I scowl at him, it really is like no time has passed.

"Since when do you control my life Johnathan Mayfair?" I spit, my eyes narrowed. He narrows his eyes too.

"Since I got you away from your step mother, think of this as a thankyou." He smiles a little, making me want to argue more. I open my mouth but he puts a finger to my lips. "Sssh. You don't want to cause a scene and have your father come up here to find his daughter home again. You know that he won't let you leave without his say so and you'll have to follow in his footsteps wherever you go."

I ball my fists. He's right, he's always right. If my father catches me here he won't let me go and that means I'll have to go into medicine like he wants me to.

I snatch the dress out of Johns grasp and walk off into the bathroom.

I'm angry and it takes a lot to make me angry. Anyone who knows me well will know that it takes a long time before I cool down. And in this case it's going to take a long, long, time.

I come out in the blue dress and my white high heels, the watch still hanging around my neck. I walk back into my room. John smiles down at me and I just scowl back.

We walk over to the door and John gets out the key, he unlocks the door and we walk through. No longer are we at my fathers house but we are at a ball. I frown, there was once a time when I would leap at a chance to come to one of these with John but now it's changed.

"May I have this dance Ma'am?" He asks and holds out his arm. Amusement playing on his face. I sigh and take it. "Got nothing nice to say to me?" He whispears in my ear as he leads me towards the couples doing the waltz.

"I like your goatee." I say, making him laugh. I frown and look down at my feet. I don't want to be here. I want to be back in my hotel room with James. Ohmygod James!

I hope he's okay with that horrible women. I wonder what's happening. Hopefully he doesn't do anything stupid, the stitches have closed up his skin but they are still weak.

The song ends and we stop dancing. "Cheer up May, it could be worse, you could be stuck in that room with that jackass." My head snaps up, my sapphire eyes burning.

I slap him across the face hard and run out the room.

The End

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