James: Taking careful measuresMature

May breaks out into tears as the door is violently pounded on.

"Who is it?" I ask quietly.

"My step mother." she steps up going towards the door.

"Stop." I hiss knowing that on the other side of the door was someone with the mask and is mimiking her step mother's voice.

"What?" John and May ask at the sometime.

" Well this room is special and the watch appears in , and everyone wants to time travel so I will say hello to your maybe stepmother and if she is who she claims to be well then its up to you whether you want to run or talk to her." I say flicking the knife on the Swiss knife open, " and if it isn't whoever they are going to have a surprise." I say quietly pushing the pain away holding the sword in front of me I tentatively open the door a short stubby woman jumping back as I hold the sword up I press a button the sword disappears. Out of nowhere a fist hits me across the face sending me sprawling me backwards onto the floor what was this woman's problem?  John quietly laughs inside the room. 

"Who are you she?" She asks her voice full of command.

"Your question my secret , Ma'am."

"It won't matter. May come on lets go you have a lot of explaining to do Missy, especially explaining who these two... Men are,and what they are doing here!"

"Excuse me miss." John says.

 I get up fiddling with the Swiss knife, "  Actually I wouldn't be to sure that you are fit to take May anywhere, as soon as she heard your voice she broke into tears that isn't right."

"Who are you to say what I'm able to do?!" She says getting angry.

" A friend."

"Who cares it's time for May to stop playing with her friends, and come home to face her future."


John grabs May and runs to the front door closing it, " Where do you think you're going?!" She screams opening the door finding the two missing.

" What did he do to my Daughter?" She demands looking at me.

"Probably the right thing." I say.

"Where did he go?" She demands her voice getting higher.

"Just think of it this way anywhere in the world."

"Impossible!" She scoffs," You will lead me to them right now!"

" Fine but I honestly can't find them, I have to know where they went." I say going to the door she follows I close it and key door then open it to reveal Tokyo.

"They could be anywhere because that man has the same sort of key." The woman faints in disbelief. I put her in the room before leaving.

"Now what?" I question myself.

The End

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