The rest of the ball was morbidly boring. I had come here for what I needed but I had to stay. Shame really.

It was getting late as I watched the crowd of people slowly dancing and that made me sad. Once upon a time I had known somebody who had made my heart soar into the clouds, she made me nervous, like every second counted. I missed that feeling, it was a rush and when she went away I had to replace that rush or else the pain would have killed me.

She never knew of course, I couldn't tell her because I was terrified of rejection.

I shook my head. This was unimportant, I should be on the lookout.

I found my phone around my hands and her number ready to phone.

Abort! I thought, my hand hovering over the red phone button.

"May," I smiled as I heard her voice, "remember me?" I didn't wait for an answer, "say the word and I'll be wherever you are in seconds," I took a picture out of my trouser pocket, staring into her sapphire blue eyes, "I want to take you to the ball..."

The End

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