She looks red and uncomfortable.

"Mayen ,whats yours?"

" James Bradly"  I say calmly wondering why she was so red and uncomfortable about she should be angry at me  still.

" Just out of curiosity , what do you do that makes you worth getting shot?"

It was a good question with no real answere.

" I travel the world, I don't collect much I look for new items find out how they work and what they do and sell em, but I always feeling like I'm searching for something, something I don't know anything about , I don't even know what it is. but getting to the point , on my journeys i've made myself some powerful enemies. Plus it doesn't help that the item I have can bring me anywhere with a door , and a key hole as long as I think about the spot."

" Thats seems like a unnessesaryly dangerouse life."

" Yeah it is and , for whatever reason can't think of a reason to give it up."

The End

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