What a utter perv! I mean what sick person stares at a naked girl? I sigh and put on my bikini I'm glad I bought thisin here instead of putting it in one of those draws. I can hear the guy moving about, I grab a towel and walk out the bathroom still red in the face.

I stand by the bathroom door and see him turn to me. He opens his mouth but I get in there before him. "You should be resting. I've sorted out your wounds and it's good that you're moving about and all but it'll be best if you move a bit everyday." I say quickly, going redder with everything I say.

He doesn'tmove for a while. "Look, I'm not a perv, I just heard..." I put my hand up, stopping him talking. "Go to bed. You need to rest." I tell him. God, my face is boiling! "I'm gonna take a shower now, I sugguest youto do so after me, you need to clean your wounds properly." I say and turn back into the bathroom.

"Thanks." They guy calls out, maing me blush again. I smile a little and close the bathroom door. I have a quick shower and get changed. I pull on my pjs, a big shirt and shorts. I put my watch necklace on too. I love weaing these, they are so comfy and the watch is beautiful.

I start towel drying my blonde hair and walk out the bathroom. I jump a little, remembering that the guy who got shot is still here. I keep my blue eyes on ground as I go over to him. "Let me see your wound." I mutter and he lets me examine his stitches.

They seem okay. My fingers trace the wound lightly.I shake my head and get to my feet. "Seems okay."I mutter then pick up my notebook. I go and sit at the foot of the bed and flick to a new page. I pick upmy pencil and start writing to my father. I can here the guy walk over. "What are you doing?"He asks.

"I'm writing to my father. He has this pad that helps him see what people write just by him thinking about who. I'm asking him if he will take you in." I say, looking down at my notebook.  Th e guy sits near me. "Is he a collector?" The guy asks me. I finish the letter and look up at him.

"Nope." I say as simple as that. My grandma was, she liked to collect them. She died and left it all to my father. For some reason I don't want to tell him this. He seems suspiciouse but I think everyone is these days. "You going to your fathers too?" The guy asks softly.

I sigh and look at the guy and shrug. "I'll take you there, don't know if I should stay. We argue a lot about my future." I say, looking down. "Why?" What is up with this guy? First of all he bloody stared at me when I was nakedand now he wants to know about me?

I realise my hair's still wet. I get up and start blow drying my hair. I prefernotto talk about my family. We aren't that close, meaning we don't talk much. My family are known for our arguements, the can last for weeks, years even.

I brush through my dry hair and turn to see the guy looking at me."What's your name?" He asks me, I know I'm going red again. "Mayen. What's yours?" I ask him, my voice is normal but I don't see how. Inside, I've got butterflies.

The End

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