I never thought being unconicousse would be long and boring. Wake up, wake up, Wake up!  I hoped everything was going to be okay, but my survival instincts told me to get up. Maybe I'm dead?  Hope not. Why was that guy sitting there waiting for me? something is up. Wake up this is getting boring!  What feels like a few more minutes of repeating this over, and over agian until, my eye finally open to the real world.

My chest felt like a train ran over it with barbed wheels, I was still a bit groggy, but a couple blinks and I could see just fine.  I was in the room agian , and I still had my items. I was laying on the floor, my wounds tended to. I hear the sounds of footsteps to the left of me, and instinctively look over. The bathroom door was left open , and inside the bathroom was the girl naked.

" I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to look!" I yell a my chest hurts afterwards. She looks up m her face goes red, and one awkward silence later, " YOU PERV!"  She shouts then slams the bathroom door.

I said sorry though, and I honestly didn't mean too, but I didn't turn away, doest that make me a perv? Or doese the fact that I find the girl attractive , make me a perve.

"I DON'T WANT TO BE A PERVE!" I yell in my head.

I get up , it was a little uncomfortable and it hurt quite a bit, once I stood up my shirt fell down.

" And that probaly didn't help." I mutter walking to the window, the girl was still in the bathroom.

" I'm really sorry." I say hoping it would make a difference.

The End

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