John: Too Many Crimes to CountMature

I placed my foot out. A servant crashed onto the Gentleman spilling expensive champagne all over their custom made suits, "Whoopsie," I tilted my head to the servant and wagged a finger, "fool," the servant meanwhile grabbed a handkerchief and rubbed at the stains, his face going red at my jibes.

"Off, no fool off!" the man said, pushing him away.

I sent a quick text on my phone.

"So sorr-"

"-away with you incompetent-"

"-I am so sorry about this, I will be having words with him, is there anything-?"

"-I am leaving leaving here immediately, good evening!"

I quietly followed the pair as they left.

They moved to their limos, each handing the artefacts to their servants who took seperate cars back. I sneaked in one of these cars.

Lying on the backseat, the servant did not see me as he sped through the city with an urgency that could not belong to an innocent man.

Slowly the car stopped in a posh, neat little drive.

 I slipped out of the car, hiding behind it as he grabbed the ruler and moved to the front door. As he opened it, I began walking towards him. In a flash I was through the door before he could even enter and hid inside a wardrobe with horizontal slats a few centimeters apart. The servant began to walk upstairs. I quickly followed him into what appeared to be a study. As he was about to leave I entered, grabbed the ruler and exited. I found an open window and leapt out, rolling safely onto my feet. I ran quickly towards the gate and leapt over it.

Theft number one complete.

I knew where the next one lived, outside of town in the more rural area, miles away.

So I began walking. The journey was quick. Light flashed by me, leaving the cold grey concrete and artificial orange light for the lush greens and simple starlight. The muddy path that ran up hill to his house was a sinch, I didn't break a sweat.

At his gate I ran, crouched and leapt up several metres over the gate and into an ornate lawn. There was a natural looking slate pool wih a small bridge linking either side. A fountain with a gravel path that curled towards the front door.

Somewhere on the fourth floor I could see a light on and a window open. The light was flicked off but the window still open. I took a short run up and leapt towards the glass, slipping right through the hole and into a dark room. I found the light and flicked it on. It was another study but this one was full of objects of varying quality.

My heart soared into my mouth, a rush of desire burning bright in my chest.

There was a keyhole in the cabinet.

I took out my key and placed it in the lock. I could feel the tension in my fingertips and turned. As expected the lock clicked and the cabinet door opened. Slowly, I placed my hand inside and touched the container. Nothing. I breathed a sigh of relief and took it, placing it in my inside pocket.

I turned around to see a man with a rifle.

I did not recognise this one.

"Drop it and we can make this easy," he threatened, nudging his gun from my hand to the desk.

I raised a hand and placed my other inside the pocket.

There was a flash of gold that caught his eyes. He gazed upon the long thin pipe with wonder and lowered his gun. I brought it to my lips and played a soft little tune. He stumbled a little, nearly falling to sleep. Suddenly the playing became harsh and sharp. His eyes went blank, mute screams coming from his wide-open mouth. He placed his hands to his head and pulled at his hair.

The music came to a sudden stop.

The man collapsed to the floor.

With a quiet satisfaction I held out the pipe and it elongated into a staff shape. I crouched low over his head. I had to get the right place so he wouldn't remember a thing. I knocked his head with the staff and his body jarred. With that done the staff returned to a pipe and I used the key on the study door. When it opened, I entered the toilets of the ball.

There was only one man there slumped drunkenly against a wall. I sent a text on my phone. Eventually another person entered the lavatory. He looked exactly like me.

The bum in the corner tried to focus on me, frowning deeply.

"You did it?" he asked. I nodded.

"Thanks," I patted his shoulder and his appearance changed into a curly, fair-haired girl my own age wearing a long, grey-cloth trench coat.

She grabbed my neck and kissed me, then pulled me aside and began to climb out of the window. Before she could I knocked her on the back of her head, taking her coat.

"Thanks," I repeated, and left for the party again.

The End

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