I scream out as the guy gets shot. He quickly falls to the floor and blacks out. I stand there for a while, unsure what to do. I quickly pull him back into my room and grab some towles. I quickly run towards the guy and put pressure on the wound.

My father is a doctor and I saw him  do an operation to get out a bullet with some tweesers. I grab my bathroom bag and get out the tweesers. I quicklytake off his black jacket and pull up his red shirt.

Blood is everywhere, all over his stomache. I get some water then wash the wound, seeing how deep the bullet is.I smile, seeng that it isn't in too deep. It has done minera damage compared towhat a bullet can do. I pull the bullet out and quickly aply preesure with a white towel.

"C'mon. C'mon." I mutter and quickly get a new towel, the other one is covered in this dudes blood. I pull out my sewing kit and get out my needle and thread. It's not proper medical things but it'll have to do. I start to sew up his bullet hole, making the stitches small.

I look at the dude, my face creased with worry. He'll be okay now,his bullet hole is stitched up properly but he will need to go to hospital as soon as he gets up. But this guy doesn't seem like the type to want to go into hospital, maybe we can go to my fathers. He doesn't live too far away from here.

I want to move him onto the bed so he wakes up comfitable but I know I won't be able to do it on my own. I sigh and put the bloody towels in the bath. I run the water, soaking the towels so I can wash out his blood.

I wounder how that guy is. And what is he doing here? I sigh and go back to the guy. I look at his sleeping figure. I grab my pjs and get changed in the bathroom.

The End

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