James: OhMature

A girl with golder hair opens the door , and takes a couple seconds to observe what I may be here for.

"Can I help you?" She asks. I see the Watch around her neck , my face dropped momentarily, but I brought it back to my usual look, tired.

" I'm guessing you just found that watch?" I say, she looks a little sad, as if i might have lost it ," Don't worry, its not mine. Your its new owner." I said still at the door.

" Was it yours?"

" No , was my fathers. I should warn you don't spend over 23 hours in a different time period. You will be lost." I assumed she knew that it was a time traveling device.

"I'm sorry for your loss."

" Thanks, for all your help. I'm afriad , I may be back for your assistance." I say walking into the hall, she follows me out I close the door.

" What are you doing?"

I key the door, and open it to my house except one problem there was a guy dressed in a bullet proof jacket and shotgun. I close the door and as I do he fires the shots knocking me backwards. I kick the door close, and began to bleed heavily. The girl screams, not to sure what to do as I pass out.


The End

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