Mayen : Can I Help You?Mature

I look down at the pocket watch gobsmacked. It's closed, I can't see it face. I open it up again and my surroundings quickly change. I'm back in room 25 in my own time again. "Wow." I breath.

I look at it, seeing it's closed again. This must be one of those things that can do specil stuff.I've heard rumors about these things but I've never seen one before. I hold it and realise the gold chain it's on is long enough to make the pocket watch into a necklace.

I put the chain over my head. I look at it in the mirror and smile. It actrually looks pretty cool like this. And the watch will go with anything, an added bonus! I go and sit on my bed happily, thinking.

Someon knocks loudly on my door. I frown and get to my feet. Who can that be? I open the door and smile at a guy that looks like he's in his early 20s.He's got messy blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. He's pale but strong looking. "Can I helpyou?" I ask him.

The End

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