James: All aroundMature

I walk down the street keeping my head down. Why did he use the map? We knew anyone who followed its many secrets to the truth would die. Thats the truth behind the Items. In my opinion might be better off not knowing, greed can be a powerful thing and if you know how to control the items, you could most likely control the world. Why would he be after that, maybe something happened. It was all to confusing.  I needed information , except the my old informant had either lost or should all of his items that helped him know almost everything in the world , what about to happen , and what not. Stupid idiot.

I give up trying to look for answers that would never come. I put the key into a door and go to the motel. He was the last person to have the watch, and if the watch had appeared in the motel. That means my dad had been lost in time.

The End

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