Mayen Blue. : Room 25.Mature

I drop my stuff in my romm and lock the door behind me. This motel looks okay, not five star but I so don't have the money for something like that. I start to unpack my things.

I pull my golden hair into a long ponytail. I sit down on the soft bed and sigh. I hear a knock at the door, I get up and open it. "Hello, may I help you?" I ask brightly at one of the Mayapril staff members. He smiles down at me, everyone does, I'm that small!

"Hello miss, you left this at the counter." He hands me my notepad. I smile gratefully at him. "Thankyou so much!" I lookat his name tag. "Thanks Tom." I say smiling. He nods. "No problem miss. Have a nice stay." He walks off and I close the door, bolting it shut.

I sit back down on the bed and flick through my notepad. I smile as I see a pencil written message.

Hey, here's my number. Call me. Tom.

I smile as I look at Toms number. I stand up and put it on the small table. Shoot! My pencil falls to the floor. I kneel down to pick it up. I can see something catch my eye. I reach out and pick it up. It's a one of those old watches. Cool! I may be 19 but I do like old things.

I open it. Suddenly the room looks different. It's more old, the paint all peeling off. On the floor is an old paper, 2015. 2015! No way! It was 2010 last time I checked! I look down at the watch, my sky blue eyes wide.

The End

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