John: The Commemoration Ball Pt 1Mature

"Carter, the Armani please," The butler rooted in the wardrobe for a while and eventually came out with a tailor-made tuxedo.

"Does this take your fancy sir?"

"Indeed, you know what they say about Armani don't you?" the butler shook his head, "well it's more what I say, wear Armani and your bringing a girl home," I winked and changed, the Butler having left the room.

Whilst he was still out I took a few objects from a side drawer, placing them on my inside pocket. I put on the brown, battered-leather shoes which transformed into sleek black ones.

"Fetch the Rolls Carter!" I called. I heard a muffled reply and steps down the stairs.

Once I was safe, I picked up the remote and pressed a hidden button. One side of empty wall swivelled round revealing a glass case of various trinkets and items. My heart swelled with vicous joy as I remembered how I had procured these various and sundry items.

I pressed the button and left the room. The Rolls swivelled round the path and came to a stop at my feet.

"Thankyou Carter," I said as I entered the car.

The gates opened electronically as we left the house behind. I was always secure in leaving my items' at home, I had a state of the art security greater than what any mere mortal could produce.

The car pulled up outside a marble building with great pillars on the front and steps covered with a red rug leading down a pathway.

I exited the car to various flashes and screaming journalists. I waved a hand and left them behind, entering the room.

It was a grand affair as always, Servants with platters of crépes, prawns and various sandwiches. More servants carying glasses. There were various seats around the room and in the centre an area to dance.

At once I was met by the host.

"A my dear Mayfair, such a pleasure to see you again," she said, looking hot and flustered.

"And you my dear Agnes, my gratitude for your acquaintance knows no bounds I can assure you that," I nodded at her, "but I have engagements with certain gentleman that no man or gracious lady can part me from, thus pray do give me leave old friend."

"Oh indeed, indeed, so sorry to have gotten in your way, by all means, enjoy the party!" she shouted after me.

A servant poked champagne under my nose, "Louis Roederer Cristal," he smiled with pride at being able to serve such a prestigous beverage. I reluctantly took a glass and a sip and walked on.

I found the two men huddled in the corner.

"Bravo good sirs, you couldn't have chosen a less discreet corner to embark on your trading," they turned to see me, "but what do you have that should interest me?"

"This," he pulled out what looked like a long thin case open at the top.

"And I..." the second man pulled out a wooden ruler.

"And what would you wish for said items?"

"A tidy fortune is all, say, five million?" I could see their inexperience in the trade of such goods, these items were priceless and I could quite easily pay up. Still, that was no fun.

"Five million?" I cried in exasperation, "you rob me gentleman, ask a more fitting price or you shall regret dealing with moi," I threatened.

"fine, 2.5 million and that is as low as we go," the first man growled.

"Then you have no deal, and good look finding another person to succumb to your ridiculous deal."

"As a matter of fact, we have a number of peoples interested, we just thought to give such an esteemed person as youself first look," damn! I'd have to work fast then.

The End

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