James: SearchingMature

I put my hand through my hair staring down the barrel of a shotgun, the Swiss knife hidden in my jacket sleeve it slide slowly into my hand , I tried not to make it obviouse. 

" Come on Jamie just hand us over what we want and you'll be just fine."  The short stalky guy says tring to sound like an itallian, afro americain gangster.

" I don't know what you mean." I play stupid.

" Oh come on Jimmy , you've been seen in 5 different countries in the last week. Kindly hand over the key!" He begin to get irratated. This guy was obviously an amature collecter and didn't know that people who carry the keys also carry a item that is a weapon type.  The Swiss Knife slides into my  hand and I flick the corkscrew up and the man flys backwards in a corkscrew into the wall, his ribs cracking.  I flip the corkscrew back in and flick the knife up the knife turns into a very superheated sword.

"Hand over the jacket! I command kicking the shotgun away." He carefully hands it over  its power was invisability and also because it was an item made your torso indestructible. Invalueable in my opinion, I would sell it though, having two items especially a level one key was very dangerouse.   He hands it over tentatively.

" I suggest next time amature you don't attack me, there much more this little guy can do." I say waving the swiss knife around. I put the key in the appartment door , and upon opening I reveal a busy street of New York. His mouth dropped , it was still even hard for me to believe I could go anywhere with just a key.  I walk through and close it to turn around and slide the key back on the door.

" Please take me to shop of miracles." I mutter and open the doors to a dusty antique shop, which dealed in Items for those who had knowledge of them. It was located in London, England where the first items that where found where brought here during the times English had an empire so large the sun never set on english soil.

" Ah James nice to see you again. What is Tim , up to haven't seen him around for a while?" The old shop keeper said who had taken the liberty to have deadmans switch on his vault of items if someone where to shoot him, so he dies the items in his stores would drop 500 meters and bury itself in concrete.  I shifted uncomfortably at the question.

" Tim my dad, well I haven't been working with him for a while but only two weeks ago he mentioned something about the creator theory. The last week disapeared. I've been meaning to come around to ask if you've seen him since after all he trusts you  more than me , with certian things."  I say.

" This sounds very grave, no last time I saw Tim was three months ago, he was looking for the map."  He says, I thought we swore it was better off we don't use the map anymore.

" That idiot." I mumble ," Well I've got another Item here for you its the jacket , see." I say putting it on and becoming invisible."

" four thousand." He says quickly.

" Come on if you think about it you also become indestructible. Eight thousand." I bargain.

" Its an invisibilty jacket there is lot smaller items that can do the same thing. The indestructibilty however is quite valueble. six thousand. and no more."

" Your lucky I like dealing with you, I know people who would pay millions." I mumble handing it over, recievinging 6 thousand.

" But last time you did that you nearly got killed and lost ..... whats very close to you."  He pause but was still brave enough to wrench the boatload of regret , and pain.

" Yeah its safer this way." I try my best to keep the bitter venom out of my voice, " You know my number call if you find anything about my dad. I'm going to stay in town for a bit." , I walk out.

The End

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