"Well this is just great. The room looks fantasticly not boring. The whole nothing in here thing is not boring and me on my own in here is soooo not boring!" I call out, my back against the wall with the barred window.

I've loosend the bars all I've gotta do now is what for 007 himself. Fun.

Ya know I hate being the damsel in distress. I always am and it's getting kinda old. Well, now it's no more 'Bond help me!' it'll be 'Bond, get ya arse up outta that cell I am busting ya outta here!'

That would be the day huh? Me, Mayen Blue, helping someone instead of them helping me.

I take my shoe off and start to take apart the heel, taking out the hard metal bit from inside. New there was some reason I was made to take Fashion instead of the normal homeschooled subjects.

I put my shoe back together, leaving the metal part out next to me.

My brother told me it was a good idea to keep something sharp and metal in my shoe, funny how he was always joking and now's the time when it actrually comes in handy.

Suddenly the wall collapses down, bits of rubble and things fly everywhere, mostly straping my face. I wince and start to bat the air around me, getting rid of the dust that is blinding my vision.

"James?" I gasp when the dust starts to settle.

"May! Are you alright?"

I laugh and jump to my feet, my metal in my hand, and hug him.

"Haha! I knew we were gonna get to blow something up!" I giggle and let go of James. He smiles down at me and shakes his head.

"Trust you to find something good from a situation this bad." James says. I can tell it's meant to be a joke but I can tell he is serious.

I shrug and smile. "Oh, it's not so bad." I say walking over to the window. "At least we have a way out." I wink at him then jump and kick the middle bar making it snap off.

I smile at my handy work and do the same to the other three.

"Big enough for us to get through." I say then turn to see James next to me looking down.

"Not too far down. Transport has been the mirror but I don't think that's the only thing they've got."

"Nope. There's a copper near here, I heard and saw it. Landed a while ago." I say looking towards where I heard it land. No way did that thing come near the inside, it was way too loud for that.

I catch James smiling at me again and I can feel my face going red.


"Nothing." James says shaking his head and looking over his shoulder. "Better get out of here fast, Phill wasn't that far behind."

I giggle a little as I climp onto the window sill.

"How's his nose?" I ask, remembering making it bleed.

"Nose? I dunno, why?"

"Oh, no reason. Just think I might of broken it when I hit him." I say and shrug then jump out the window landing onto the ground below, my feet stinging a little.

James lands next to me soon after. I smile at him then run off in the direction I heard the helicopter, knowing James is right behind me.

The End

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