James: Phill is amageddonMature

hours later I find myself In Phills hideout men on guard looking directly as I pretend to be kept well under control. My plan is as soon as I see Phill or if they try to make me more secure thats when I'm going to jump into action. Phill's recruits goggling at everything, especially at the mirror which had brought us here in the first place. I wonder where they were, keeping May. And If Phill hurt her in the slightest I will do my best to make it sure the only thing that remains of his body is a fine powder after I'm through with him.

"And there he is, and I thought you would give trouble Mr Bradly." Phill says now thinking he can call me by my last name. He won't see what he has got coming.

"Well gotta changes things up sometimes Phill." I grin as the two men take flight into the hard marble walls.  All hell breaks loose seconds later as I charge up and grab Phill by the neck and slam him into the wall winding him," Where is she?"  I say the fury growing inside of me.

"You don't intimidate me in the slightest." He gasps, then press's his hand against my chest I somehow appear at the end of the hall as he begins to stand up items beginning to fly around him," Almost every item in this room is at my disposal, even if the user is using the item I can use its abilities, or even control the user. So if all these men here have items times it by two and that is what your facing. The odds are gravely against you!"

" Why are you going through all this trouble to kill me? I may have stolen one of your items , and stole it but that was fair game you were threatening me."

"Is that truly why you think I'm after you? So ignorant!"

"No I need something from you that key, the original Key so I can find the creator!" He yells at me. I sat stunned for a moment before the building began to shake violent as Phill began trying to kill me. I quickly dodge and begin using the glove to send out bursts of energy into the wave of destruction but quickly lean that its no use as the wall is blasted to bits behind. Leaving me only one option, run and hide!

 I blast the wall out hoping I don't come across May and hurt her. 2012 only seconds behind.  This is so unfair. As Armageddon caught up to me the walls began to crack collapse and generally look like a damn Micheal Bay movie as flames and explosions surround me. I close my eyes and send and counter with the energy glove blasting me back out of danger, into another wall. Despite how soar my body felt I scrambled to my feet , and blasted my self a path into the next room. Until I come across may who was in a rather boring looking room.

"James?" She say as the dust and smoke begin to settle.

"May! Are you alright?"


The End

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