the lost generation; skylaMature

chapter thirteen: attack

skyla; by xkatieshepherd


Things suddenly became incredibly awkward as the girl named Persephone entered the room, making it clear she had heard our conversation. She was pretty, with soft, curvy features and long brown hair that hung to her waist in waves. 

'I knew it was me,' she whispered, looking completely hurt.

'I was never going to keep that from you, but it wasn't the important thing at the time,' Gabriel murmured. I just stood next to Ash feeling uncomfortable, as though I had walked in on a private conversation. Gabriel must have sensed this as he began with the introductions. 'Persephone, I would like you to meet Ash and Skyla.'

I smiled shyly at her which she returned warmly.

'I believe they will be our travelling companions on our search for a colony,' he continued. 'Speaking of, we should not loiter here.'

'Do they know where you live?' I spoke in a small voice, feeling like the most vulnerable one there. I was incredibly aware of the fact that the others were several years older than me, I could tell by the confident and calm demeanor they each held. Secretly, I wanted to run away. Far away. 

Gabriel turned towards me and smiled. 'It's quite possible, but not to worry. We'll set off before they have a chance. Have you got your stuff?'

'Yeah,' Ash answered for me. 'We packed it before we came out. Have you got all yours?'

Gabriel nodded. 

'Plus a few precautionary measures I took.' 

'Weapons?' I raised my eyebrow and they each looked at me. 

'Yeah, just in case.' 

'Righto,' I took a deep breath. 'Let's go.'


It felt like we had been driving for hours and I was beginning to get the familiar dull ache in my throat that told me I was hungry. It started off as just a numbing sensation that wasn't painful, just slightly uncomfortable. It soon, however, flared into something more and I found myself clenching and unclenching my jaw. Squeezing my hands into fists over and over, counting to ten numerous times in my head, trying to ignore it until I could no more.

'I need to feed,' I blurted out, slightly desperately.

'I brought some stuff,' Ash told me, without taking his eyes off the road. 'It's in the cooler in the back. I'll pull over for you.'

He steered sharply to the left and stalled the engine. Gabriel and Persephone stepped out. 

'Human  blood?' I inhaled sharply, the sweet delicious scent pierced my mind. It was incredibly tantalizing, alluring and...forbidden.

'You don't drink human blood?' Ash asked, puzzled.

I shook my head quickly, turning away.

'Oh I'm sorry,' he shut the boot of the car quickly, but the smell stayed clear and fresh in my mind. 'Um, I didn't pack any...substitutes.'

'That's okay, we're near a forest. I'm sure I'll be able to find something.'

'You really don't drink human blood?' Persephone enquired. 


'Don't you find that hard?'

'It was, at first,' I shrugged nonchalantly. 'It's gotten better as time's progressed. Excuse me but I really need to hunt.'

Before they could say anymore, I was running. I reached the forest in a matter of seconds and minutes later I was feeding. The blood was nourishing, but after I had gotten a whiff of the human blood, it just didn't satiate me as much as it would have done. I stared at the white mass of fur in my hand, a pang of guilt shooting through me as it always did after I had eaten. 

Deciding to bury it, I began digging a hole when something caught my attention.

A twig snapped.

Whipping my head round, I noticed someone standing there with something poised in their hands. Before I could react, my stomach suddenly exploded into the most excrutiating pain I had ever felt. I cried out in pain, sinking to my knees. My hands sought out what had caused this pain and I found myself clutching something...something sticking out of my torso. My hands came away bloody.

My vision was blurring...

Fire. I was on fire. That's what it felt like.

'A-Ash...' My voice cracked. 

I was going to die. I'm dying.

The figure stumbled towards me and I could only stare up at them, shaking, trembling from the bolts of pain flaring throughout my entire body. 

I'm dying. 

Harry. Ash.

Someone stood above me. The killer. 

'Argh,' I groaned, writhing amongst the leaves. My consciousness was slipping away, everything blurred into black. 

The last thing I saw was a face, twisted in pure and utter fury.

* * *

'Is she gonna be okay?' a female voice muttered in the distance. It was unfamiliar. 

'Yeah,' a male voice, calm and collected. 'They missed her heart. The human blood we slipped her should heal her enough.'

'Won't she be mad?'

I felt myself frowning, a tiny crease between my brows followed by a sharp intake of breath. My eyes fluttered open to dark surroundings. We were in a car. I was in the back seat, my head propped up on someone's lap. Two faces peered down at me.

'Oh thank God, you're okay.'

'What happened?' my voice came out dry, cracked.

'Human slayer,' the male whom I was now half laying on answered grimly. 'They shot you with a wooden stake. You were inches away from death but, I'm sorry Skyla, but we had to feed you human blood.'

'Ash?' I blinked stupidly, feeling extremely out of it.

'You're still disorientated. You go to sleep. Gabriel's driving us to the colony. That was a close call though.'

'What happened to the... the human?'

Ash hesitated. 'I had to...get rid of him.'

'You murdered him?' My tone came out sharper than I'd intended and I bit my tongue. He had just saved my life, for the second time...

'I had no choice,' he protested. He was hurting, I could tell. 

'It's okay,' I murmured. 'Thank you.'

I sat up, ignoring the pains in my stomach and clutched my head as it throbbed. Ash looked ready to catch me again but I just smiled at him to show I was okay. 

'I've never heard of an attack that close before,' Gabriel sighed gravely from the driver's seat. 'We have to get to the colonies, before it's too late.'

The End

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