the lost generation: skylaMature


chapter eleven: an explanation

skyla; by xkatieshepherd

word count: 1,147


When I awoke, I was immediately on my guard.

My surroundings were not at all familiar. Dark curtains embroidered with light blue thread entwined with complicated designs hung up on the walls, blocking out all sunlight. The room was decorated with a thick lush carpet the colour of the ocean and pale blue walls. A white bedside table sat beside me next to the double bed I was now laying in.

Bits and pieces were coming to me now. Three vampires. Red eyes.


‘Yes, she’s safe.’ I heard his voice now from his place in the kitchen. ‘She nearly fell prey to Damien’s gang but I got there in time.’

A pause.

‘I’ll tell her. Should we head off now? In a few days?’ Another pause. ‘Okay. See you then.’

In a flash I was in the kitchen staring at Ash with suspicious eyes.

‘Who was that?’

‘A friend. We have to go now.’

‘Go? Where?’

‘It’s a long story but you just have to trust me, we’re not safe here. Neither of us are. We are going to meet up with an old friend of mine and then we’re going to set off.’

‘Look,’ I held up my hands, refusing to go anywhere with this stranger. ‘I know you just saved my life and I am grateful but let’s not forget, I have no idea who you are. I can’t just up and leave everything.’ 

‘I’m not giving you a choice,’ he replied grimly. 

‘Oh yeah? How are you going to stop me?’

‘I can either take you by force or you can go willingly. Either way, you’re coming with me.’

I growled at him under my breath.

‘You wouldn’t…’

‘Do you honestly believe that?’ he arched his eyebrow challengingly and the scene from Damien flashed through my mind. Suddenly I was very, very aware that he was not bluffing.

‘Fine,’ I sighed. ‘But where are we going? And whom with?’

‘It’ll just be easier to tell you the whole story wouldn’t it? Very well. It all started off hundreds of years ago with the very first vampire. This is a legend but it’s got so much realism and conviction behind it that all of us find ourselves treating it as though it were real. To us, it is. The very first vampire, Oneri. He was…selfish, powerful, wise and charming. What he saw, he wanted. And what he wanted, he would get, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately for us it has jeopardized the vampire race, landing us all in danger with the humans.’

‘But -’ I began.

Ash cut me off.

‘Listen. Oneri fell in love with a human girl. It started out with your typical story of forbidden romance, she wanted to be with him, he wanted to be with her but they couldn’t because of their opposing sides. You see, the girl was the daughter of the most eminent vampire slayer the world had ever seen. Kind of ironic. Think of Van Helsing but better. She fell in love with him and eventually Oneri showed his true self. His demonic side. He trusted her enough to see past that but he had misjudged her greatly. In a frenzy, she told as many people as she could, perhaps fearing her own life? One of the people she told was her father. Naturally he was enraged and gathered up as men as he could, preparing to kill this creature. Oneri was heartbroken, devastated but most of all, he was angry. This of course fuelled his power.

He killed the entire clan with a mere flick of his wrist, including the girl’s father. He saved the girl for last. But when it came to it, he couldn’t do it. Looking into her scared, brown eyes he realized that his love for her outweighed his anger. But he couldn’t go on living in this tragic pain. He implored her to kill him. And she did. She decided she couldn’t love this monster, knowing what he was. She stared him straight in the eyes as she drove a stake through his heart.’

‘But, if he died and he was the first vampire how did we come around?’

‘Of course he turned people before he died, in the most sadistic ways he would see fit. Sometimes he’d kill a person’s family, make them watch and then turn them, forcing them to live their entire lives in pain.’

‘Sounds like a charming person.’

‘Oh he wasn’t,’ Ash shook his head, ignoring my sarcasm. ‘But the point is, the human girl went on to follow in her father’s footsteps, determined to carry on his legacy. The story has passed on down the years, between both vampires and humans. And so believe it or not, humans are very much aware of our existence. Well, only a select few, but certainly enough to create an uprising.’

‘So why now? Why us?’

‘They have been in training. They know we live here. Coincidentally, the town that those people were slaughtered in all those years ago is the very town that we are living in now.’

‘Here?’ I gasped. 

‘Yep. Which is why we need to leave. They’re creating an extreme army of vampire hunters and so we are going to fight back. We can’t let them wipe us all out, destroy us as if we are nothing.’

I was speechless. I was still reeling from the story and the coincidence that I was living in the same town that Oneri had, so many centuries ago. And how callously the girl had told… Of course Oneri was evil, but he loved her. How could she ignore that?

‘Which is why you have to come with me,’ Ash got back into motion again. ‘You have ten minutes to pack the necessities and then we are out of here.’

 * * * *

Eleven minutes later, I had a bag slung over one shoulder and another bag gripped in the other hand. Ash was just locking up the house and we headed to his car. 

‘It won‘t be forever,’ he grinned at me. 

I wasn’t reassured in the slightest.

‘Where are we meeting your friends?’

‘They are in a house in the next town over. It’ll take about twenty minutes to get there.’

I was silent for the entire journey, staring out the window watching the world flash by completely oblivious to the danger they were in. Who knows what the outcome of this potentially cataclysmic disaster could be?

We pulled up outside a fairly average looking house.

‘Why are we travelling around in day time?’

‘Some humans still believe that vampires can only move around in the night time, which is why they are more active at that time. It’s safer for us to move about in the day time.’

I followed him up the steps and waited patiently as he rapped on the door. 

The End

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