the lost generation: skylaMature

chapter eight: danger

skyla; by xkatieshepherd


About a month passed before I saw Ash again.

I was wandering aimlessly through town, trying to find something to do. School had broken up for the summer and me being the loner that I was, I didn't have anyone to spend it with. The sun shone down fiercely overhead, battering me with it's rays. Leaves danced along the ground, caught up in the gentle summer breeze, without a care in the world. It was how I wished I could be.

Ever since that time in the woods when I had first encountered Ash, the thought of vampire hunters always lingered at the back of my mind, dancing between my conscious and subconscious so I was always at least partially aware of it. I also longed to know who my savior was, why he had known exactly when to show up and how he knew about the hunters.

Whilst I was pondering this, I found I had wandered into a more deserted section of town. Giant graffiti-covered planks of wood boarded up the windows of dismal grey buildings. Glass scattered the pavement a little way ahead of me an aftermath of what I assumed was a break-in. Wire mesh fences ran from building to building, blocking off daunting alleyways. 

Where the hell was I?

I turned round, deciding to head back the way I had come but the road looked completely unfamiliar. There was no doubt about it: I was lost. I laughed a little uneasily to myself at my stupidity. 

I continued nevertheless, I was bound to end up some place recognizable soon.

However, minutes later I got the feeling that I was not alone. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, a chill ran down my spine. I whirled round but no one was there.

'Very funny,' I called out, rolling my eyes. 'Stalk the girl, scare her then attack her. How very original. I wouldn't bother though, not if you value your life.'


Three figures emerged from the shadows where I had been standing seconds before. How had they gotten there that quickly? Unless....

I gave a tentative sniff of the air and felt my heart drop.

Yep. They were vampires.


As they came into view I noticed each of them looked alike. They all had dark hair, ethereally pale skin and the deep crimson eyes that differentiated a rogue vampire from a more civilized one. The one in the middle seemed to be the leader. He gave a haunting smile, one that made me want to turn and run as fast as I could.

I knew it wouldn't make much difference though. There were three of them and I would have bet anything they were older than me and therefore stronger and much faster. 

Rogue vampires were the worst. I had only ever heard about them, I had never encountered one before until now. I heard that they lived by their own rules with absolutely no regard and sheer and utter contempt towards the human race.

They could kill you in a matter of seconds.

'Look what we have,' the one in the middle spoke. The others laughed menacingly. 

Surely they must know I'm a vampire...

'Lost little vampire girl,' he continued.

Oh, so he did know.

'This isn't your part of town,' the one on the left hissed. 'What are you doing here?'

I realized it was my turn to speak.

'I,' an embarrassing choke, 'got lost.'

'Just as we thought,' the one on the right murmured. 'You know what we do to trespassers?'

They were really gonna hurt me. Realization dawned on me and fear slowly began to take control. I could run, if I wanted to, but it wouldn't do any good. Unless they don't expect it...

'You're not gonna do anything,' a new voice warned.

All of our heads turned in the direction of whoever had spoken and I swear my heart literally exploded. Standing there, looking devastatingly handsome and dangerous in the grey shadows, was Ash.

'Always the killjoy,' the middle one sighed. 'Let us have our fun Ash.'

Wait, he knew them?

'Not with this one you're not. I'll take care of her.'

'Yeah we know what that means. You'll let her go.'

'So what if I do?' he circled round to stand in front of me. 'You okay?'

I nodded feebly. 

'What happened to you man? You used to be different.' 

'You mean I used to be like you. Sadistic. Go home Damien, you're not gonna hurt her. Not as long as I'm standing here, and you know you can't defeat me, so don't even try.'

The one called Damien looked absolutely furious. His eyes glowed a vivid red and his mouth lifted in a snarl. Ash stepped towards him.

'You really want to do this?' he challenged.

We could all see Damien calculating his chances. Obviously, they weren't very high as he sunk back. His face became composed and he smiled.

'Not now Ash. But don't think we'll forget about this.'

After one last growl in our direction, they all slunk off back into the shadows, until they disappeared completely.

I was still stood rooted to the spot, rigid with fear. It wasn't until Ash physically shook me by the shoulders that I was able to speak.

'What. Just happened.'

'You don't wanna cross with Damien's gang.'

'You think?' I gasped. 

'What are you doing in this part of town?'

'I got lost!' I cried out, furious at how a simple mistake like this had nearly ended up costing me my life.

'Fine. Well, I'll take you back to mine, just until you feel better.'

I didn't even protest.

The End

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