the lost generation: skyla; meeting othersMature

chapter five: meeting others

skyla; by xkatieshepherd


Why did I bother with school?

I know a lot of people would ask this if they knew what I was. Sometimes I found myself asking this question, why did I bother with it? I mean, it's not like I hadn't already endured it back when I was human, so why did I feel the need to repeat it? I guessed it was because I wanted some normality in this life. Everything had been turned around, shaken up, and I was left feeling confused and scared. Having something from my human life made me feel a little...safer. A little more sane. 

Every morning when I woke up for school I told myself this. I reminded myself of the effect it had on me, how much happier I was. I knew a lot of humans disliked school, which was understandable as they weren't trapped in an immortal body with nothing better to do for the rest of their existence...

I tried to appreciate every aspect of school and the sanity it brought me, but it was times like this when the clock was being exceptionally slow that I couldn't resist wishing for it to end. 

'Skyla? Are we disturbing you?' the teacher brought me out of my reverie.

'Not at all,' I smiled politely. 'Please, continue.'

That earned a few snickers from my class, but I was fairly certain they were laughing at me and not with me...

What seemed like hours later, maths finally came to an end. I packed up my books and was nearly at the door when the teacher called my name again. I turned round and he motioned for me to stay behind.

Heaving a sigh of exasperation, I moved past the flow of students eager to leave and stood in front of his desk.

'Skyla,' he began. 'Is everything okay?'

'Yes,' I replied, puzzled. 'Why?'

'Your grades are deteriorating and you seem distracted in class. Is everything okay at home?'

'Yes,' I played it innocent, knowing that he didn't have a clue about my home life. 'I'm sorry Mr Grayson, I'll make more of an effort.'

'Well, I should hope you will. You can go now.'

'Thanks,' I muttered.


I decided to take a detour on the way home, choosing the go through the forest. It would make a nice change and I liked having some time to myself. I pondered over what Mr Grayson had said at the end of maths. I didn't think my grades were slipping that noticeably... were they?

They were probably down to the fact that I was less concentrated due to my change of diet. Only recently I had decided to switch to animal blood. It didn't keep me as satisfied as regular blood, but it soothed the roaring hunger that flared up when I needed to feed. As a result of this, I was feeling less physically strong, slightly lethargic and less focussed. It would be worth it in the end though.

Just as I was stepping over fallen bracken and a discarded trunk, I heard a twig snap to the left of me, precisely ten meters away. My head jerked to the side in a lightening fast move and I spotted someone. They were looking directly at me. It was a guy and I could see from here he didn't look any older than seventeen. I was suddenly reminded of Harry and something tore through me, a staggering sense of loss and grief, it knocked the breath out of me.

In a matter of seconds they were in front of me. I could see they looked nothing like Harry, but the reminder was still there. 

He was about a head taller than me with dark blonde hair and inquisitive blue eyes. 

'Can I help you?' I asked stupidly. 

'No, but I can help you. Are you aware you're about to step into a trap?'

'What?' I frowned.

He crouched to his knees and picked up a stick.

'Watch,' he told me.

Then he threw it. As it hit the ground, something shot past us, too fast for even my eyes to see what, and slammed into the tree just in front of me, where I would have been standing a split second later. On further inspection I saw it was a stake.

A wooden stake.

'What the...' my heart dropped.

'Exactly. It's not safe here, they obviously know.'

'Who know? And who are you? Are you a --'

'A vampire? Yes. The name's Ash.' He stuck out a hand. I took it, still feeling slightly overwhelmed. 

'You shouldn't be out here.'

'But I live...' I pointed in the general direction of my house, feeling very out of it. 

'Get home, but get out of here. Go back the way you came, retrace your footsteps and stay out of the forest. Do you understand?'

I nodded faintly.


Then he was gone. 

The End

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