The lonely Cow

At the writer's group at college we were all given pictures to give us ideas to write something...i was given a lonely cow stood in a this is what i came up with!

Where is everyone? They were all here earlier, but they’re not now. It’s been happening for days, slowly, when I’ve not been looking, the gates open, that roaring machine appears and my family get taken away. It’s lonely. Mum said she’d be back tomorrow but that was three days ago. All this rich green grass to myself doesn’t taste right anymore. The clouds seem to have sunk and the blues turned grey. I want to go where they’ve gone, It’s too quiet here. Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe they’re just busy and whatever they’re doing is taking longer than they thought. That’s what Dad said, but Grandad looked like he knew different. What do i do? It’s cold. Mum used to always keep me warm and Grandad used to always make me laugh. Everyone used to always talk about how amazing the world is outside the gate, that’s where my brother went and Mum says that’s why he never came back. Maybe i should go…
There it is again, that roar, that creak, that man.
He’s taken me to where everyone else is. It’s not lonely anymore because slowly, when i wasn’t looking…

The End

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