Mike: what

The shio revved and sped at ridicoulus speed realy putting the G forces forcing me to the seat. Wait why isn't the anti g units not working up here? As I struggled to keep hold of the steering controls.  I looked at the egineering board. Oh thats because it defective and why this ship was stored in another bay.  Didn't think of that one.  I checkedd the proximity sensor screen the tailing ships we're still out a firing range. Would I have enough time to put myself into G suit? No choice I couln't fly this thing with out one. I lifted myself out of the chair and struggled to stand up and not fet flung across the cock pit. It took all my strength to reach the G suit closet.  Luckily they we're automated for times like these.  I made it back to the seat.

As soon as I sat down shields took impact from plasma canons.

" crap."  I reached for the mic.

" Are you at turrets yet? because we are now under attack" As the ship took more impacts. I got one of the ship in automated firing range for the My own plasma canoncs.

" Take this your buggers." I muttered blasting the ship with the superior weaponry

The End

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