Mike: Shot

After the door closed I ran to the cockpit and immediatly got the ship running. Now usually you would let the engine warm up a bit to get an effiecent thrust.But right now I didn't feel like getting blown to piece by a plasma canon.  I activated the shields that will probably kick in three minutes. Okay engines running normally, propulsion systemes running reccomending warm up, Plasma canon coils are powering, rail, and Pulse guns ready. 

" Okay lets get this ship going."  I siad exitedly

" Yes finally this mission might just work, just might."  I said as the ship cleared the hangar.

Boom!  the ship shook.

" Hull breach on starboard, floor five." The computer shrieked.

All the bulkhead doors shut on starboard side. Crap I was cut off from the rest of the crew.

" Can we activate emergency plating?" I asked

"Emergency plating was destroyed." It responded

Crap the hull breach was on pretty much where the oxygen scrubber, and processor was. That means two day of oxygen tops.

Okay a new plan formulated in my head. We get this ship out of here, try to avoid confrontation. We couldn't hit the speed of light because we of breach. Meaning we had to waste time in an asteriod field, and slink off onto a small planet. But after we get out of this combat situation we do the best we can to repair the breach and whatever damage.  I was pushing the ship hard to get the hell outta harms way.  I got the speaker in hand.

" Yeah we took some damage where the oxygen scrubbers are and the processor. The shield wasn't up. Right now if you have knowledge on how to operate a pulse or rail gun turret. Please make you way to one because we've go incoming hostiles." I informed the crew.

The plasma canons coil finised charging and  the shield was nearly full power. Let see how fearsome you are? I thought to the ship.

The End

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