Mike: The ship

That hurt a fair bit being hurled into Mark.  The cyborg was mostly metal. I got up knowing had some cracked ribs , but the fight wouldn't stop because of that. The soldiers where disorganised so they had all split up and it wasn't a team effort unlike our attack. My little lazer pistol as powerful as it was. It was swing a sword at highly amored tank.  A group of soldiers where trying to single me out.  Stupid tactic.  I rolled under there fire. Jumped onto the crate shot 1 in the head. ducked to dodge more fire. Jumped onto one soldier's head shooting him between the eyes. I took his automatic plasma rifle , and put my pistol back on its holster.  I made my way back to the team.

I going to hack my way through the door I need someone to cover me." I said

Mark volunteered. We made our way across the Hangar shooting down soldiers. Mark took some  shots. 

" How many shots can you take before your armour need to repair itself?" I asked

" Alot more than I have already taken." he responded

" good." I said as I got out my hacking kit.

five minutes later the door opened.

" Its about Freckin time!" Bray and Lena yelled at me.

" Lets get the hell outta here." I said running into the ship.

As me and Mark provided cover for Lena , And Bray A squad was sitting up a portable plasma canon.  I took aim and fired killing a few of the engineers.  Lena and Bray entered the ship doors closed. Okay I'm heading to the cockpit unless someone else want top fly.  Plasma shots pounded on the armour of the ship. It was futile. Only the Plasma canon could do some realistic damage.  

The End

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