Bray: Short tempered.

i landed, rolling into another group of soldiers, after i had helped Mike finish of the cyborg.

i slashed with my dagger, but something launched itself at my back. I produced the small spikes on my back, impaling it on impact. shaking it off i was distracted for a moment by Lena... Damn that Dranite can fight! i heard a gun being shot infront of me and twirled my body round swiftly. The bullet grazing my cheek. I felt something run down my face. I wiped it off with the back of my hand. My green blood, this Idiot had made me bleed.

"you really didnt want to do that" i chuckled.

He aimed his gun at me again.

"And with an old-age weapon like that? you should be ashamed!" i laughed at him while he growled menacingly.

"what you guna do about it freak?!"

My ears twitched at the word. Freak. My face fell to be replaced with a look of anger.

"actually you stupid humanoid, I'm a freaking Tryban!" i somersaulted in the air and launched onto his back. My dagger, a silver sheen, was then coated in a thick redness as i slit his throat.

"That's what im guna freaking do!"

Mike looked at Mark quickly still fighting off the other soldiers.

"Yeah" mark shouted back facing a Cyborg "Don't call her a freak... it sorta makes her angry" and he shot his plasma gun through the its eye.

The End

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