Lena: Oops...

My thick army boots get caught on a nail and I trip with a little shriek. Mark catches me before I hit the ground and I scowl at him. The entire place starts filling up with cyborgs and human soldiers and Bray jumps down from the wall, excited to fight. Everyone gets out their weapons and begin shedding blood...and metal. I jump up, a blade in each hand, and bring it down on a soldiers head, blood gushing out and squirting on my face. I spin around and kick a cyborg in his metal head, pushing him back a few steps.  How annoying. 

"Lena! Watch what your doing!"

"What?" I glance over at Mike and he shoots the cyborg with his plasma gun. 

"You almost chopped my head off!"

"Then watch where your going, you stupid tiny human!"

"Tiny? Your the short one here!" I stop in mid fight, and glare at him.

"I am NOT short!" I throw one of my two blades at him in anger but he deflects it easily. "Attack the soldiers, not me!" At that moment a giant mechanical beast comes at us. It had to be at least 20 feet tall. The giant cyborg punches the ground between Mike and I, causing a giant dent in the ground. I quickly jump on its arm and run up to its head, trying to slice it open. Meanwhile, Mike was shooting at its eyes, one of its weakest spots. The bullets just bounced off. I try to stab it but my blade breaks with the force. The giant cyborg picks up Mike and shacks him violently while throwing me against the hard brick wall. I land on the ground, pain thriving through my arm. Mark starts running towards it but the cyborg throws Mike at him and they both go flying. The cyborg starts heading towards Bray who is still fighting off the human soldiers, not paying attention to the big guy.

The End

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