Bray: She doesnt like my earssss :(

that lena elf hates me, and my ears! all i said was hi and she looked disgusted. well you cant please everyone i suppose.

we had jumped from the top of the crate thing, Lena landed on her knees and hand, me, because im so flexible landed just on my feet and sprung up again. Mark and mike had met us after mike had nearly been caught with a net.

We ran towards the hangar.

"watch out for soldiers" mike told us.

"i'll keep top view" i said gesturing to the small buildings beside us.

He nodded offering me a gun. i shook my head whilst Mark laughed.

"she doesnt need a gun" he told Mike as i started to climb the wall, my alien hands suckering to the vertical side. "she's a freaking Tryban"

Mike looked at him shocked, whilst Lena stood grimacing.

"I thought they were extinct!"

"no" I shouted quite a few feet higher than them "i'm here, theres still a few of us but you just gotte look the right places" i laughed, nearly onto the cieling.

i pushed my hands into my trousers and brought out my dagger. no that i need it.

i paused whilst climbing and concentrated. The little lumps that appeared over my hands and back, started to grow outwards in large spikes.

Then Lena looked shocked.

we started towards the space hangar again looking for soldiers. all seemed quiet until someone caught their boot on an old nail or something, suddenly the whole place began to swarm, first with cyborgs then human soldiers.

"You never see many aliens any more, do ya?" i shouted jumping down to join the fight.

The End

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