Mike: Come on lets get to the hangar.

It was simple really Jack is easly outsmarted when he doesn't know he is found out. Thing is he only has one plan never any back ups so if he miscalculates he screws up big. Almost costing him his life this time. Oh and the jumping thing ; nets are really grippy. But I do have to thank Mark. Jack would  have got me if he wasn't there. 

" Thanks Mark."  The girls where on a roof adjacent to us. It looked like Lena's buttons where easy to push. Just by the simple actions of Bray saying hello.  Lena looks over.

" What you looking at Idiots!" she yelled over.

" Ok we going to the extra hanger. Be ready for soldiers. There not as soft as cops , And they're trigger happy morons." Which was also an insult to myself.

But it was true most gaurds are trigger happy morons. Since guards only rank private, corporall , maybe sargent.  And one Warrent officer to give the commands. We make it into the hanger the targe ship is a Burning pheonix model WXY Delta. It was a slightly older ship but in its time it was regarded a fierce , Nimble, terrifying ship. The burning Pheonix ships still hold a bit of that reputation. But since D corps owned this one its probaly been modified to be even fiercer.  

" Ok are we ready?"  I spoke into the sleeve of my shirt. Where there is a small communication device.

The End

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