Lena:Making Friends

I sat atop a chimney, wathing as Mike and Mark fought off the bounty hunter, just in case they needed help. Of course they didn't, though. They were both remarkable fighters. Remarkable threats. Mike, a deserter from the military. I think I can trust him, not certain though. If he's a deserter he was obviously taking a risk by telling us. But what will happen when our duties with him our over? Whatever, I'll just have to watch my back. Mark, that cyborg, he's the one I don't trust. He's too quiet, too strong. I know nothing of him.

I felt something grab my shoulder and quickly spung around, pointing my blade at Bray.

"Touch me with that thing again and I'll chop it off!" Bray smiled menacingly.

"You really are a toughy, aren't you?" I glared at her, but lowered my blade.

"What do you want?"

"Just to talk. I figured if we were going to be on the same crew we should at least be friends."

"I'm not interested in being friends with someone with your lack of intelligence."

Bray seemed to ignore my insult and walked to the edge of the chimney, watching Mike and Mark talking about the bounty hunter.

"Shall we?" She gestured to where they were with her ears. Gross. I ignore her and jump off the chimney, landing on my feet andright hand. Bray landed beside me. The two boys looked at us.

"What the hell are you looking at?"

The End

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