Mark: Rescue

I followed close behind Mike as he'd told me to. His plan was simple. He'd assumed someone would follow him so I was going to follow the tracker.

Mike was wrapped in a net when he jumped. I hoped he knew what he was doing. I took carefull aim on the bounty hunter as he moved carefully towards the edge. My rifle powered up and I squeezed the trigger as the hunter bent over the edge. The beam went high striking his shoulder and sending him staggering back away from the edge.

The hunter turned, his gun out and aiming at my position. I leapt forward my metal legs flinging me as fast as a energy beam. I hit the hunter full on his body flung towards the edge. He sailed out of safe range but he shot a thin wire that wrapped around my throat allowing him to swing back up onto the roof. He tugged viciously on the wire.

"Unlucky, I assume you're a cyborg." He gloats. I smile in return.

"Unlucky, metal windpipe." I grab the wire and give a savage tug. He sails towards me and I reach out my hand clasping around his throat. I slowly begin to crush his throat as Mike climbs onto the roof shrugging the net off.

"Mark," he warns " we need to go." I nod tossing the uncouncious body away like a ragdoll.

The End

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