Mike: Jack

I really should release the patronizing part of my personality seeing that i'm no longer backed up by a squad of highly trained profesionall killers.

"Well there is two ship for our choosing. The one that was informed to our friend here. Or there is going to transit hanger one of the D corps had to park there because of some issues.  So it nat as well protected." I informed her.  I headed for the door if "Anyone else wants to join I'll meet you a little outside of this place.  tommorow then we'll decide which ship. At the moment I need to do a little bit of information gathering.

And I left well there was some succes tonight I thought as I free ran up to the roofs of the city.  I needed to find out exactly how many ships and weapons those bastards where bringing. Then i could roughly calculate how big of a crew I needed.  Thats when human error got me in trouble. I wasn't making sure i wasn't being trailed a bounty hunter made a move.  A capturing net just barely missed me.  I reached for my pistol and I heard the reassuring high pitched whine of it.  

He had a levi pack

" Good evening Jack." I said in a bored tone

" Never thought i would end up hunting you Mike." He replied

" Yeah i could say the same thing."

" So Mike how is this going to happen? Are you going to fight me? Run?  Pay me off? Surrender? You've seen me in action and your fully aware fighting and running are useless." Jack taunted

" Ah Jack you forget you could never catch me in those training ex's." I said smugly

" Yeah even when i have an advantage like i do now. But your on a roof you couldn't jump down to the ground with dieing." he said

" Jack do you really want to bet on something like that?" I smiled

Then I jumped

The End

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