Lena: Get On With It

"Well, I'm willing to be part of your crew!" I say, slapping Mike hard on the back and winking at him. "I'd do absolutely anything to get off this crummy planet. It's all gone to garbage!"

I observe the beer that Bray had given me, trying to figure out if there was poison in it.

"You don't trust me?" Bray was watching me inspect the cold beer.

"Why the hell should I? You're some strange alien chick I've never met before and you expect me to not be cautious?"

"You do have a point, but you don't have to sound so goddamn rude!"

"Now now, I think we need to all calm done." I gave Mike the finger. "Don't tell me what to do, you jerk! Screw this, I'm done talking with you creatures. Now, human, if I'm going to help you steal a ship and be on your crew you better tell me where to find the ship we're stealing, now!"

The End

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