Mike: yeah

" You mentioned some rubbish about going to the Lone Planet."  The new arrival who I think is named Bray. 

" Yeah I do. For reasons  that you would probaly not believe." I said

" I see." He said

"My names Mike. Mike Wall." I said

then Lena recognized me " Your that goverment criminal wanted Alive for questioning."

" Yeah but it would be better if I was killed to them." I said

" What if i just turned you in? Instead of go to the Lone Planet. The pay off from turning you might be even better than the pay off going to the Lone planet. the cyborg said

" Ah but what about your rep? You wouldn t want to known to sell people out  right?"  I said hoping to disuade him from turning me in.

" True . But with the money i make it wouldn t be long before i got it back." He siad. beating my arguement.

" What if i told you the fed would kill you afterwards." I said which was very much the truth

" Why would they?" he asked 

" Because I may have told you something they don t want anyone to know." I said

" And that would be?" he said

crap I had no choice  " You know that terrorist attack few months ago in goverment?" I siad

" yeah."  He said

" It was done by D corps most loyal agents. And I was there." I said

" Wow man your in deep crap." Bray said

" And you have to go to the lone planet because?" The cyborg continued.

" Thats why D corps attacked goverment they control it and they are going so they can hold absolute control of this part of the galaxy. And frankly knowing How D corps operates I don t want that to happen. you?" i replied. Crap they really didn't need to know at this very moment why.


The End

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