Bray: Sorry i'm late.

So Mark had gotten into a fight again. I was just on my way to meet him, when suddenly my ears picked up the sound of a dozen footsteps behind me. Cops. I jumped behind a crate just as they ran past me and into the bar i was supposed to be going in.

I waited until i saw a familiar shape jump out of the window. I foloowed stealthly behind, jumping from crate to crate. I saw the figure go into the building with a girl in his arms.

I climbed down the wall and keyed the number in on the door.

It slid open and i quickly crawled along the side paneling, my purple skin reacting strangly in the light of the cyborgs home.

I crawled above Marks head and let my ears swing down touching his shoulders. He jumped back looking around. I dropped down in front of him landing perfectly in my army boots, my hidden weapons lightly grazing across my skin (not hurting me). I stood up.

"Hey Marky, i wish you would'a invited me to the party your having here." I walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a vial of fluid. Putting it into another cupboard where a bottle of beer appeared. I pulled the top off with my ear and slid onto one of his sofas.

"Bray" he told the other people who were there. A woman and another man, the woman eyeing me questiongly. "An old friend... anyway" he said turning to me "I thought you were off to Soltem tonight"

I looked around at the other two then back a him. "Cancelled. Cops on patrol, you can't get away with stuff like you used too" i took a swig of my beer the girl looking at me stll. "Want one?" she nodded.

"Yeah whatever" she eyed me carefully as i got another one. Taking the top off with my ear, she stared at them as though they were a foreign object.

"You dont have to stare you know" i said folding them around my body. "I dont stare at your ears! Also did i hear" i pointed to the male next to Mark, "that you needed a crew or some rubbish for a trip to The Lone Planet?"

The End

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