Lena: Getting Acquainted

" Now the question is do you want to help?"  There was a long silence as the cyborg and I tossed this idea around in our heads.

"You haven't told us your name." Mark stated.

"Oh, my apologies, I'm Mike." Another silence.

"Well," I pipe up, "There is no way I am going to be part of your crew until I know a little about each of you. But, since I love hearing my own voice I'll tell you a bit about myself first." I smile radiantly as the others just stare. "My full name is Yelena Heart, but as I said before, you can call me Lena. Oh, and incase you can't tell by my pointed ears and my elegant beauty I am part Dranite. Incase you don't know, us Dranite people are born fighters specializing in close combat. In short, I fight with blades."

"Yes, I could tell that by your ears, but, you don't have that much elegant beauty" Mike joked.

"Do you want to die, human?" I glare at him.

"Aren't Dranite supposed to be in slavery." Mark asked.

"Yes, that is true, but, the only reason I'm free is because I murdered my master." There was a slight awkward pause so I quickly went on. "My master, Mr. Hemmington, was a disturbing and violent man, if I had stayed there much longer there is no doubt that I'd be dead. But, enough about me, tell me about yourselves."

The End

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