Mark: Hideout

She doesn't scream which surprises me. Most people would have screamed. I land litghtly on my metal legs before sprinting away as more plasma bolts ping harmlessly off my skin. I run for several minutes without stopping or getting out of breathe thanks to heavily reinforced lungs. I shift the girl onto one arm as I stare at the screen on my wrist. I say a name and the video call is answered.

"Cyborg!" the man screams with delight. "I've been trying to get hold of you for a while. There's a beauty in the hangar. Ripe for the plucking."

"Not the time. I need you to give me the surveillance link for this level." I tell him quickly.

"I don't know Cyborg, that seems a bit risky." he shakes his head.

"Consider your fee doubled." I say.

"Done." and he cuts the call, the surveillance video replacing his face. I search the video faster than a human could and find a place devoid of cops.

"Excuse me!" the girl says "You can put me down whenever." I scoff an apology and let her down. I start off in the direction of my new hideout.

"Where are you going?" she asks.

"To find somewhere to hide. You should do something similar." Ibegin to walk again. She jogs to catch up.

"So wheres the new hideout?" she asks. I stop.

"So your both coming?" The girl looks confused.

"Both?" she asks. I nod at a pile of metal crates.

"I can hear you breathing." The soldier steps out.

"Well now we're all aqquainted I think we should go hide." he says.

The End

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