Lena: Out The Window

The man with the plasma gun went crashing out the window, shattering the glass. The other guy who was deflecting all the bullets stared out the window, deciding whether to follow him or not. Must be a cyborg, no human or alien could take on that amount of damage. I sat behind the counter, not bothering to try shooting at the cops since all I had on me was my blade and a small pouch full of stolen money.

"Hey there darling, you think we didn't recognize you? Com'on with me, Miss. Heart, we'll make sure you get a nice execution for murdering your master!" The cop pointed a stupid looking gun at me and walked behind the counter to where I was sitting. I kicked his wrist and his gun went flying. I jumped up and caught it, landing on the cops shoulders.

"Thanks for the gun!" I shoot him right between the eyes. I quickly jump over the counter and run behind the cyborg. He glances at me from over his shoulder. "You're my sheild now, buddy. Take me to the window!" The cyborg didn't hesitate, though, he didn't take me there how I planned. He took me in his arms and started to run to the window.

"What the hell!" And with that, we were gone from the bar.

The End

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