Mike: Not going to get arrested.

The girl ignored me and the cyborg wanted money. I'll just have to tell how much money he could make on some useless parts on a military ship.  The cops where much harder then your Bar Brawlers they where trained to fight. And what made matter worse was that i was in the room allowing to shoot on site.  I took cover behind an overturned table and let the fire fight begin. I saw two idiot cop standing in the middle of the mess. I took em out.  I needed to get out of here before the military was called in. the girl was pinned behind the counter and the cyborg seemed to be unaffected by the bolts. I took careful aim killed the guys pinning the girl down

" Before the reinforcements get here. I suggest you make an escape with me!" I shouted over the noise at both of them . I ran I ducked under all the plasma bolts and jumped out the window.

The End

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