Mark: What a rush

Robbing the luxury cruiser had been easy, I went in waved my gun they gave up gave me all their valuables and I sent them on their way. I stood by the bar, my pocket heavier after I sold all the stuff as the fight kicked off. A girl stood on a stool as a alien attacked. His arm hit the floor before the ones without artificial eyes had seen her move. Almost immediately someone swung for me. I gripped his arm and tore it from his torso. Another charged at me but I stepped to the side and he crashed into the bar.

After a while it was just me and two others facing the rest of the angry aliens. One of them held a plasma gun, the other was the girl with the knife.

"You people seem pretty good, my names Mike. And I'm wondering if you wanna work with mme on something?" The male asked.

"I'd be happy to. For a fee." I told him the girl ignored him and charged into the horde of aliens. I shrugged and followed suit.

The End

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