Mike: Massive Bar fight

"Ow." I thought as foot connected with my butt.  It was girl with quite a temper

" Get out my way , or I kill you!" She yelled at me shoving me out the way.

Well I should have move out entrance way. I deserved exactly what I got.  Then things got a little more interesting.

An alien twice the size a normal human  with massive  muslces. Decided to pick a fight with the young  lady. It when  she took out her blade that the bar went silent. The stupid alien didn't back down and went for a punch costing himself an arm.  Then all hell broke loose people every one picked a side ,and went for a good old bar brawl. Which included me.  I hit the ground  and there was this pissed off blue guy ready to punch my teeth out. Not a chance.I pushed off the floor with my hands kicking him  on the head. Before he realised what happened he was on the ground out cold. The fight continued on until it was me, the cyborg , and miss temper.  

" You people seem pretty good, my names Mike. And i'm wondering if you wanna work with me on something?" I asked

They didn't have anytime to answer cuase rate then the cops busted in.  already another fight.  This time I get use my pistol which was in my hand already. A high pitch whine indicate it that it was fully charged.

"Back of piggies or Die." I said to them.


The End

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