Lena: Bar Fights

I tie back my long black hair as I step into my favorite place ever, the bar. A random guy is standing in my way, watching some other man with extreme interest. I stand behind him for another second but my anger gets the best of me. I kick him in the butt and he nudges forward a bit, then spins around and stares at me intensely.

"Get out of my way, or I'll kill you!" He looked at me in surprise as I shove him to the side. Idiot. I go up to the bartender and order a beer. I chug the bottle and turn around, inspecting the crowd. Lets see... who should I...?

"Hey missy, your in my seat!"A very tall muscular alien man thing that smelled completely awful stood in front of me, growling at me through his yellow broken teeth.

I snort. "Not my problem, buddy."

"Oh yeah? I'll make it your problem!" He cracks his knuckles in a threatening way and I start to laugh hysterically, my silver eyes forming tears of amusement. I stand on a stool to match his height and pull out a small, but sharp blade.

"Move it or lose it."

The End

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