Mike: Looking for a ship and crew.

The space platform was full of crap ships. Nothing that could make it to the Lone Planet let alone take any form of damage. I guess i would have to look in the military bay.

I walked into town to find myself a place to say. Which was hard because my face was shown on almost every electronic screen in this solar system.  I had to go to the more under the table part of town to get a room. It was all graffitied greasy on generally gross.  The water was brown. Good thing i'm spending most of my time looking for a crew and a ship. well the plan was get a crew then hijack a ship. I couldn't possibly afford one.  it was time to serach the bars as I armed my self with my handy military grade pistol. 

I had aproxametly two weeks before i have to leave for the lone planet.  I thought as I walked into the bar.  The first thing that caught my eye was the Cyborg. He looked human and most would think so but I knew. Years of experience told he was because of the way his eyes moved. faster than any human muscle could move an eye . His rifle also told me he was combat experienced. I wondered how would you go about  asking someone about stealing a military ship.

The End

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