Mark Day: The Thief

The platform is deserted apart from some banged up old ships. Nothing worth stealing from. I shake my head and begin to walk back to the bar maybe that pretty Doxon alien was still there. I slide the stolen plasma rifle on my back into a more comfortable position as my fore arm pinged gently. I look at the screen hidden on the inside of my wrist.

I should probably explain, I'm an orphan human originally. My parents died in a attack on our homeworld and I was left sevrely injured and the heir of a wealthy family. With the wealth I payed to have my body patched up with the latest robotics. More than half my body is now cyborg apart from my brain and most of my heart. The robotics is hidden under artifical (bulletproof) flesh. The theivery is a lifestyle choice.

I tap the screen to answer the message. I turn on my heel. As the pleasure cruiser lands silently on the platform. Thankfully I'd bribed the platform control officer to send me and update whenever a nice ship was coming in. I walk quickly towards the vessel before ducking behind a large wreck of a ship.

The End

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