The Lone Planet

A deserter named Mike Wall of the government military is on the run with the military not to far behind. He needs to get off the space port platform X34. but he needs to get a team of people willing to help him with saving the lone planet. but the only people he can find are people with there own agenda's.

This is a collab  set in the future.  I want your characters to be a little on the rough side not entirely a good person. allowing to have lots of freedom creating a character. You can be anything between cyborg to completely alien.


The ship was taking off  "Yes just , just maybe i' ll be able to stop them." I thought happily . Bang! the ship shuttered under the impact of probaly a plasma cannon shot. Bang! 

"Hull breach on starboard bow, floor 5!" The computer shrieked at me.

All the bulkhead doors slammed shut. Damm i was cut off from the rest of the crew.

"Can we activate emerency plating on the breach?"  I asked

" The emergency plating was destroyed."  the computer responds.  

Unfortunetly the area where the breach was where the air scrubbers and oxygen proccesor is. That means we had maybe 2 days of oxygen.    


Ok i'm a little ahead on on this story. The Lone planet is an abandonned Alien outpost with technologie far beyond our own.  This private military called D'est'roy corps  D corps  for short was majorly interested in the technologie. Luckily the goverment banned any type of military involvment over there. well the D corps didn't like that so they secretly took the goverment by force. Unknown to the public the goverment is ran by D corps.  Now your probaly wondering  how I know then right.  Well i'm part of the publicly payed military as lieutenant also known as the goverment military. I was there the day the Goverment fell into the private military.

I was facing charges about the death of my squad. I didn't kill them but they all died on my watch so i had to explain in goverment court.  During my trial the privately military made their move. the came disguised as terrorist. Shot from guns rang out I was lucky that one of plasma bolts melted my handcuffs and i was able to escape. I crawled into the service ducts. I ended in the vent above the governors office . overhearing the plans. I was able to escape. But not without the private military knowing. Now I'm hunted by almost every signle organization.  I was able to follow private military operations to the space port platform  X 34.

Where I now search for a crew to stop the private military and to reinstate the goverment. But very few people would like to join my sucidal self righteouse mission.


The End

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