Aiden, our pint-sized heroine, is given an unusual gift.

no spoilers here. we are playing modified protag tennis, turning one sentence into the next and only adding new concepts once in a while. feel free to grab a buddy and join in...


"At first, it was easy to make robots," my dad told me. He had an old box, on his lap.  I had seen it before, and remembered that it contained lots of old stuff, collected from his childhood on.

He dug through it for a moment and then pulled out a small robot.

"Here, this was my favorite," he said, looking into my eyes as he handed it to me.

As I held my dad's robot, unable to speak for a moment, I think I fell in love, puppy love, for the first time. The robot was smaller than most, and made from metal and some type of heavy plastic. I remember thinking that no one had ever bought anything like this at a store.  After a quiet pause, I heard my dad clear his throat.  I looked up at him.  He seemed a little choked up, sitting there.  Unsure of myself, I asked, "Can I take this to Grandpa's house?"

"Yes, you may. He probably remembers all about it...he helped me make it." He stood up, closing the lid to the box and wiping his eyes.

Impatient to look at the robot by myself, I went to hug my dad and ran up the stairs to my room under the attic. It seemed to me that I had been waiting for quite some time, for this day, this gift.


Prologue one point oh one, the next day.

"Aiden, it's time to get ready," I heard mom call from the foot of the stairs.

'That's strange,' I thought, pausing near the half-open door of my spacious room. 'Oh, well, I guess we are going to Grandpa's house early.' I started packing my stuff, my newest dress, a bottle of paint, two of the drawing books I loved, and of course, dad's little robot. As quick as ever, my little backpack was stuffed, and I was skipping down the stairs, humming a tune I hoped to teach the little robot, someday soon.


I entered the kitchen, my mom turned to greet me, and I smiled up at her, as I hugged her knees.  "Dad is out by the garage. Go see if he is ready to take you to Papa's house." 

I remember running down the hallway past my dad's laboratory, and stretching up to open the door to our garage.  As it opened, I called out, "Hi, Dad," not seeing him nearby yet.  


Later, as I was lifted by my dad into my big girl chair in the rear seat of our family hover-car, I started to think of a story my robot might tell me one day.

It started like most of my own stories did, but this time, the robot was telling me how much my dad had loved him, how they used to play together and how my dad had tried to feed him.


I listened quietly to the rushing sounds outside our hover-car as I sat patiently, thinking about a whole week at my grandpa and grandma's house.


"Hello, honey,  are you excited?" Grandma laughed as soon as I entered their house ahead of my dad.

I tried to guess what they were about to give me, just like always when I came to visit. She was standing in front of Grandpa, and so I hugged them both around the legs, all at once, then stepped back and looked up, waiting.  

"How are you, Aiden?" Grandpa said, as he handed me a small box. I smiled enthusiastically at him, thinking about trying to fit the box into my backpack.  "I am very good, thank you, Grandpa and Grandma."


"Which movie are we going to?" I asked Grandpa as we walked towards his ground-car.

"Grandma says you have been asking your mom and dad about If you give a robot a typewriter," he laughed. "I think we are going to be just in time for the next matinee."


"Dad gave me something from his old stuff," I whispered as we stepped into the theater's hallway after the movie. I opened up my backpack, and showed Grandpa my dad's little robot. He laughed, and started talking about my dad when he was young. I listened to him for a long time, while he took me into a couple of shops near the movie theater. He bought several things he said that Grandma had asked for, and then made me choose where the two of us should have dinner.


"I loved the movie, Grandpa," I said, a little sleepily, as he turned the car at the last corner and stopped in the space in front of his house.

"Yeah, it was a nice surprise," Grandpa said, as he picked me, the little robot, and my backpack up out of the back seat.  I tried to think of a question to ask, but it seemed like my eyes were very heavy. "I really liked it when the robot took the last page out of the typewriter and read it out loud," his voice started to fade away.

'Wish you could do that,' I thought, looking at my robot, as I fell asleep in Grandpa's arms.


The End

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