Exercise: Gulp.

Viki saw a group of people - and animals - entering the rakkety lift. She laughed. That lift was broken, how could they not know? Luckily, she'd be the one taking the fixed one.

As she was about to push the button to the 13th floor she heard a voice.

'Wait for me, Viki!'

She looked through the closing doors and saw a man running and waving at her. Working against all her principles, she stuck her leg between the closing doors, and they automatically opened. She wiped some dust off her black classic pump with a finger and waited for the man to get in.

'Hi, 14th,' the man panted, stopping near her.

Viki pressed 13 and 14. She knew this guy. His name was Andrei, and he was Russian. He'd only lived here for a couple of months, but he already knew half of the inhabitants of the 25 floor flat. He was a Tigren - a man with a tiger's soul - and a very good-looking ginger at that. He was so not Viki's type, but she still had a little crush on him.

'How was your day, Victoria?' Andrei asked.

Viki smiled, she liked to be called Victoria, even though her full name was Vikaina.

'Good enough, Andy. May I call you Andy?' she answered with a boldness that was strange to her.

'Indeed you may,' Andy consented.

Suddenly the lift gave a weird jolt and the lights went out. Neither Viki nor Andy made even the smallest noise - Viki wasn't the screaming type and Andy was too much of a man to show his fear. Then the lift stopped completely and Viki gasped.

'Are you alright?' Andy asked her.

What a shame that the lights had to go out. He liked to look at her. She had short dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a very elfine physique. She was so cute, really, particularly when she wore her office clothes.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' Viki answered.

She felt around for her bag of groceries. It was gone.

'What the...' she murmured, when she felt a hand.

'Eek!' she squealed, pulling her hand away.

A low laugh came from where the hand was. Then suddenly Viki and Andy both felt themselves being sprayed with water from a water gun.

'Whose idea of a disgusting joke is this?' Andy demanded with a growl.

'Well I'm the Elevator Man,' the owner of the gun said.

The lights flickered on and Viki blinked. She now saw a rather creepy-looking, filthy man holding a water gun.

'Well really, where are my groceries?' Viki exclaimed.

'I was hungry, I guess,' the man said.

'What the hell is wrong with this elevator?' Andy asked, feeling calmer.

'I told ya, I was hungry. It's all better now,' the mysterious man said.

Viki blinked once more. The man was gone.

The elevator started moving again. In moments it pinged at the 13th floor. Viki got up and shook her head. Then she walked out. At that moment, she felt a hand on her shoulder.


'Yes, Andy?'

'Join me for lunch?'

Viki smiled. Then she turned around.


The End

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