The Lift

This is a very wierd story...Add your own!

Age: 20
Appearance: Long auburn hair, wavy, small and skinny, freckles, green eyes.
Job: Vet-in-training.

Age: 18 months
Appearance: silver tabby, gold eyes.

Age: 12
Appearance Tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes,wolf tail (?)

Age: 32
Appearance: Short Black hair, short, brown eyes.

Creepy Guy

So, the idea is to create a short story that is set in a broken lift (elevator)!
Must hav

Dr. Leona Goodard (almost) walked into the lift, Pablo limping behind.

'It's Ok, your leg will be all better soon' Leona said. 'Look, whassis?' She waved the toy above the kitten's tiny head. He jumped up, pawing at the mouse on a string, balancing on his good leg.

The lift opened. A small, scruffy girl came in. Leona knew her: the homeless orphan with a wolf's tail.

'Hi, Eliza.' said Leona. 'This is Pablo. He broke his foot. He's going upstairs to have an x-ray.'

'Ermm...I'm not really sure about cats.' Elizabeth murmured.

Pablo's POV: I smell DOG! No, not again! AaaaahAhh! MeeeeeYOW!

Pablo jumped up in fear. As he leapt up, back arched, his broken toe hit something, just as another vet was entering. She stared in horror as the cat caused the lift to skid to a halt and the lights to go out.

Leona, Eliza and the new vet (lottie) screamed. Pablo looked around, wondering why it had gone dark.

Someone will help you in 5 minutes. Said the Lift.

You can't see much in the dark, but you can notice a corner moving. It formed the shape of a human being. A very scary one.

'How did you get in?' asked Lottie, shocked to stillness.

'I was hiding!' The man pulled out a water pistol. 'Mwahahahahahahahaha.' He evil-laughed a very fake evil laugh.

'Nooo!' Yelled Leona. 'Not the kitty!' For the man aimed his 'gun' at Pablo. Then- (you have to imagine this in slow motion). a squirt of water came flying through the air. It hit Pablo's nose with a tiny spaloosha!

Pablo's POV (again): Water! Eek! MeeeeYOW!

Pablo repeated his frightened leap. This time, he hit another button and the elevator woke into life. The door opened and everyone escaped rapidly.

'You know, I think his bad leg has got better.' Leona whispered to Lottie, who instantly agreed.




The End

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