Cynder: Love's Everlasting EmbersMature

"You may wish to take your clothes off unless you want to lose them when you transform," I told Ross, who was standing in the center of a circle I had scratched into the cement with my knife. He ignored me, however.

"How are candles and weird symbols supposed to make him turn into a dragon?" Dave asked, squatting down to trace the symbol for 'dragon' with his fingertip. I had drawn the symbols with chalk and his oily skin was smearing it.

"Would you quit that?!" I snapped, baring my teeth at him.

Spyro's eyes grew wide at my fierce expression.

Leaping to his feet, Dave dusted the chalk off on his pants, looking sheepish.

Hmm...Sheep. Perhaps I would pretend he was such a sheep and devour him. I traced the outline of my human lips with my tongue, relishing the thought of sinking my teeth into his flesh.

Then again, Spyro wouldn't be too happy....Ross.... How many times must I remind myself that he can't remember who he is?

I blinked, bringing myself back to the present.

"Sp- Ross. Ross, I need you to close your eyes and concentrate on the dragon in your dreams. Imagine yourself becoming that dragon. Don't be afraid,"

He nodded, slamming his lids shut firmly.

And then it began. It was slow, at first, but it began to go smoother and quicker the more Ross appeared to concentrate. His clothes already laid in tatters around him. But it was hurting him. It was going wrong.

"Whatever you do, don't open your eyes!" I cried above the horrendous sounds of his half-human howling.


His skin had changed to a rich purple, wings beginning to unfurl from his back. Ross's human knuckles had turned white from clenching them - but he slowly opened them to reveal sharp yellow claws.

The last to go was his spine. Oh thank the worked.

As he fell forwards onto his front legs, the transformation was complete.

And so was mine.

I bounded up to him, touching my nose to his.

"You can open your eyes now," I rumbled affectionately in Dragon.

He opened them slowly - they glinted a magnificent purple, as his human eyes had before.

"I think...." He furrowed his brow in concentration.

I flicked my tail, anxious, "Yes?"

He looked into my eyes. Those sad eyes, filled with so many memories....


My God. Did he remember?

"I think I love you,"

The End

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