Ross: Her DrawingsMature

And so I followed her. Dave was still shaken from seeing her completely naked - I on the other hand.....

Something compelled me to comply to her wishes and follow her into a tiny room adjacent to the warehouse. It was nothing more than a wooden shack, a desk and chair in one corner, a lamp upon the desk as the only source of light.

Taylor turned on the lamp. The walls were illuminated, showing the papers attached with pins to them.

They were drawings of dragons. Actually, the same one repeated over and over. On the desk was an unfinished sketch of the dragon Taylor had become. Cynder.... I brushed my fingertips across it, graphite staining my skin.

"These are all of you," She pointed to the images on the walls. They were black and white, of course, but when I looked closer I realized that this dragon was the same one I dreamt of.

"Would you like to learn how to fly?" Taylor grinned unnervingly at me.

When she smiled, all I could think of were the sharp cruel teeth of her dragon self.

I swallowed nervously, "I'm not sure,"

Her face fell, turqouise eyes beginning to gleam with tears.

Who was she? And who was I to her? There were things she wasn't telling me and somehow I knew that the only way to find out was to trust her.

"Okay. Show me how to fly,"

The End

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